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At Empower we provide physical therapy, health coaching, performance training and recovery sessions to help you live stronger more well-balanced lives. 

Physical Therapy

Personalized physical therapy focuses on addressing your source(s) of pain and your motor impairments to achieve optimal gains in function and resiliency to meet your goals. 

Services provided:

  • Exercise prescription to address injury and dysfunction

  • Posture, ergonomics and mechanics training

  • Manual therapy techniques/instrumented assisted manual therapy techniques

  • Dry needling, cupping, flossing

  • Programming for runners 

  • Pre-postpartum PT/pelvic health

  • Sports specific exercise and training 

  • Recovery sessions to address tight and sore muscles

Health Coaching

Individualized health coaching based on client's goals and bio-individuality to facilitate lifestyle and behavior changes to improve all facets of life. 

Services provided:

  • Free consultation with health history intake

  • 12 in person or virtual sessions bi-monthly scheduled over a 6-month span 

  • Exercises and tools to help client meet their individual goals

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