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Are you tired of living with pain and limited mobility? We're here to help you break free from your limitations, build strength, and reach your full fitness potential.   When you improve your stength and mobility, you unlock a world of possibilities.  

As physical therapists, we treat orthopedic, neurological, women's health and sport's medicine conditions.  Our physical therapy evaluation will evaluate your primary complaint as well as your functional movement patterns, to create a personalized treatment plan.   One-on-one treatment sessions will utilize the latest in manual techniques and therapeutic exercise prescription to help you achieve your goals.  In addition, for those who no longer need formal physical therapy but just a "tune up" or some extra work on tight muscles, we offer maintenance and recovery sessions.

  • Exercise prescription to address injury and dysfunction

  • Posture, ergonomics and mechanics training

  • Manual therapy techniques/instrumented assisted manual therapy techniques

  • Mobilization of soft tissue and skeletal system

  • Balance and motor coordination training

  • Maintenance sessions

  • Dry needling

  • Cupping/Flossing

  • Programming for runners 

  • Pre-postpartum therapy

  • Women's health

  • Sports specific exercise and training 

  • Recovery sessions to address tight and sore muscles


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Treatment and care that you need, when you need it

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Pricing and Packages

With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, cash-based care is often more affordable then going through your insurance, plus it allows complete freedom of care so we can address what YOU need treated.  No longer will insurance dictate and limit the care YOU receive. 

Physical Therapy 

For those who have acute or chronic musculoskeletal problems

  • 1 hour evaluation/treatment session:  $150

  • Packages of 1-hour sessions

    • 4 sessions = $568 ($142/session for a $32 savings)

    • 6 sessions = $840 ($140/session for a $60 savings)

    • 12 sessions = $1,620 ($135/session for a $180 savings)

  • 45 min session = $115


For those who just need a little maintenance to continue moving and progressing forward with their therapy plan

  • 30 mins session: $75

Concierge Session

Short on time or want to squeeze in a session during your work day,  we can come to you.  Please call to schedule these appointments

  • 45 mins session: $150

  • 60 mins session: $200


For those who have some tightness or soreness after a race, sporting event or housework that you want addressed.

  • Dry needling, cupping, flossing, tapping, manual therapy, stretching

  • 30-45 mins session: $80-120

Sport Specific Programming

For those looking for assistance with programming for a race or a sport's season

  • 1 hour evaluation of movement, strength and mobility: $150

  • Follow up sessions based on time 

    • 45 min = $100, 60 mins = $130 ($30 dollars off purchase of 4 sessions, $70 dollars off purchase of 6 sessions)

Payments with credit card, HSA/FSA card, cash, zelle

Prices listed above are discounted rates for self pay day of the session

Upon request a superbill will be printed to allow you to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement

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