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Our mission is to help those in our community and beyond address pain and motor impairments to stay active and to facilitate lifestyle changes to impact their overall quality of life through personalized care based on our clients' needs and goals.


Our one-hour sessions of focused personalized care using the latest techniques will facilitate your recovery. We can focus on what needs to be addressed that day and advance the overall fitness and resiliency of you, our client.  Cash-based care allows the clinician and client to set the parameters of their care instead of the insurance company dictating care.  


  • a consistent therapist who values you and wants to work with you

  • no restrictions on number or length of therapy sessions

  • no scheduling hassles or waiting to get in

  • upfront cost with no hidden fees

Not only does cash base therapy allow full freedom of care, depending on your insurance plan, cash-based care is often less expensive and has no hidden costs.   You can pay with your HSA and FSA accounts and we can print a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for out of network reimbursement.  We also offer health coaching programs allowing us to go deeper into all aspects of life to help facilitate positive change, providing guidance and accountability toward reaching your goals. 

Empower Physical Therapy & Wellness
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